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Fished from 7-11.  Started setting rods in 170 heading NW, had a decent pick out to 210.  Made a big u-turn and headed south east slowly back to 175.  

Hit a  double on a diver and 10 color.   Fun times when it's just my son and I and trying to keep everything untangled and the boat straight.  We managed ok, thankfully, and landed both fish within a minute or two of each other. 

8 for 11 overall, all spoon bite, a few diver shots, the rest were a split between 10 color and downriggers (set at 100 and 90).   Best spoon was purple clown, then carbon 14 and mixed veggie.

Great day of fishing!

Started getting a bit rough around 10. We started pulling lines around 10:30, leaving the 2 downriggers for last.  Both hit, great finale!  


A shout out to all the dad's, hopefully you got out fishing somewhere.  And a shout out to the guy at the launch that helped me wrestle the boat straight on the trailer in the wind!  







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