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Started off the bay in 70fow marked a bunch of fish til about 100fow. Started fishing for lakers eventhough i don't ever target them just trying something different. However today all the fish we were marking were in the top 50ft. So after half hour went back targeting kings. First rip on rigger at 50 over 105 mupped metallic frog. Like to say I dropped it but the fish took the spoon and leader. At first I thought I must have just hooked it up to the rubberband but it was not broke. All I can think is the swivel came loose. Turned around and about 95fow got another rip on a rigger nice teenager I had about 30ft from the boat when the wire with mt dew doc starts ripping. In all the commotion I drop my fish but my old man pulls a 15# king after a long battle. He loves the wire rods. he he. Thats him still crying. Needless to say circled that spot and a rigger pops and it's just a skipper witch I manage to drop, just before the drop the other rigger fires and my father pulls another teenager12#, he tried his best to hand that fish off to my but I figured the way my luck was going, i would just enjoy watching him fight it. At least someone on the boat has tired arms. Stayed on the water til 9:45pm. The chart lit up again with fish but the last knock-off was right around sunset. ended the evening 2for6, all fish released some not by choice. good luck bill


(add pictures and any other details not captured above here)



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