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What a great weekend to be on the lake, couldn’t ask for better weather just wished the fish would have cooperated more. I fished with Jim from double J Friday night right out front and just a touch east, seen some good marks and not much bait between 125 and 200 If I remember right I think we did 3 for 3 all small fish. Saturday morning Jim joined us for some deep water fishing started way out west in 400+ fow seen to many hooks to count so we setup and dropped the riggers down over 200ft plus, started trolling back on a south east troll only to find they didn’t want to play. We ended up take a small Skippy on the copper out 500 and a teenager down 195 on a green e-chip with a hammer. Saturday afternoon after sitting at the dock for a few cold ones we decided to have a little fun with Double J, Gray and his crew from Sea squirrel to see who could bring in the biggest fish and be back to the dock by 8pm. “Jim from Lone Wolf would be our judge†Patty my lucky charm went with Jim and my son and his girlfriend joined me. Gray and his crew where busted, Jim and Patty brought back a big Skippy wish Jim kept alive in his fish well “Way to go Jim†only to release when they saw what my crew did, a nice 12lbr which came on the rigger in 125fow with a green e-chip and an sweet pea down 85. Better luck next time guys! :rofl::clap::rofl::lol:


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Me and my buddy were fishing for browns all along Ford Shoals on Sunday, and today. We were trying to for browns. But, since they didn't want to cooperate we started tryin for whatever we could find. We only had the 14ft. So we were working every depth from 8-40 fow. We had no luck. Tried every combination from speed, depth, weight, bait, drifting, and trolling. The only thing we managed to reel in was a decent Smallmouth in about 8 fow in front of gull rock. Lots of work, luckily the weather was nice this morning

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