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I-Bay 8/7/09 Evening Report

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Fishing Report






Time on Water:3-7:00 PM

Weather/Temp: Sunny, 70's

Wind Speed/Direction:NW 5 mph

Waves: 1 ft.

Surface Temp: 70

Location:I-Bay north and west

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): 31-34 lines W




Total Hits: 6

Total Boated:6

Species Breakdown:4 kings, 1 Atlantic, 1 steelhead

Hot Lure: Kelly green Spinny/Crinkle green fly, 42 second NK Mag, DW SS Steelie Dan, NBK

Trolling Speed: 1.8-2.8 sog

Down Speed: 2.0-2.4 mph

Boat Depth: 160-220 fow

Lure Depth: rigger 85', 135', free slider on 85' rigger, wire Dipsy 240' #3 setting



Great Fishing tonight - all fish released except 22# King (I tried the water revive technique in my fish well but it was a no-go after I caught it on the wire). Largest king was on the wire Dipsy 240', #3, no-ring, Kelly Green Spinny/Green Fly. It ripped out 500 feet of wire before we slowed the boat down and took control. Kelly green Spinny also caught a smaller king.

The highlight of our night was a "true double" on one rod - I went through a small school of fish around 160' and had a double hook-up on my 85' rigger with a free slider. An Atlantic took an NBK and the Steelhead took the free slider DW SS Steelie Dan both on the same rod. It was pretty cool!! Otherwise, we landed two other smaller kings on the deeper 135' rigger early on in the afternoon.

Down temp. was around 52-55 degrees about 135' down.

Good luck to all this weekend,

- Chris


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I was out there tonight and wished I had the same kind of report. Started in 100fow 68 down temp almost to the bottom. Worked out to 240fow temp got better after 150fow about 125ft of cable out. No releases til the end of the night 3#bow in 120fow down 80ft on metallic glow frog, in 68 degree water. What rigs were working for you and how deep. The only marks I saw on the graph were in 170fow. Had riggers parked btw 100 and 125 and wires out 280 and 300. Changed one wire set up near the end of the night but, left the 42nd spinny in the water the whole night. Thanks, Bill

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Hey Chris, sounds like alot of fun last nite. I am the guy in the wellcraft that you tried to help with depths and all. I trolled for about two hours and never got a hit. I changed depth a few times but could not get a feel for the speed. Felt like i was going to fast so i tossed a trolling bag in and then i felt like it was to slow. Iwas using flies about two feet off my flasher. I may try spoons tonight, what do you think? If I sound green , its because yesterday was my first day out ever. Even managed to break a bran new pole when I tried to pull the line out of the release. I did learn a few things the hard way so the day wasen't a total wast. Any advise for me or should I go back to golf? thanks marty

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Here's a few things which have been working for me the past few weeks:

1.) Temp: Find good down temp. but don't be afraid to find fish "out of temp." especially if you see them on your fish finder. What we've been doing is: drop our probe until we find the thermocline. Yesterday and today it was around 120-140 fow. My probe doesn't work very well below 145' or so, so we park the probe rigger somewhere around there and work upward.

2.) Speed: We have been fishing 2.0-2.4 mph at the ball. Sometimes the current is ripping and my sog on my GPS says 3.1 mph, but the ball speed is only 2.2 mph or so. It seems like we're hauling a## sometimes, but I always trust the downspeed on my probe.

3.) Spoons: lately green has been key. NBK and 42 second spoons on the deepest lures and I usually pick a "steelhead" color for my free sliders - say DW SS Steelie Dan or any red or orange lure.

4.) Flashers: I run green flashers/flies (Kelly green spinny/crinkle green fly, Die Hard, 42 second) on one wire and usually a white or chrome ( Green dot Spinny, white on white glow/purple mirage or Hammer Fly) on my other wire

5.) Flasher/Fly leader length: total length is 20-22" from the end of the flasher to the end of the fly

6.) Use free sliders on your riggers

I'm constantly tinkering with speed, direction and depth on my boat more than anything else. I always start with my "go-to" spread of lures first and I DO NOT change lures - even after two hours of dead time - until I get my first hit. As soon as I do, I look at speed of the boat, depth, direction of my troll, and THEN what lure it was.

However, the most important thing is have fun, give it time and read as much as you can from this site. This site has the best fisherman/women I've ever met and most are always eager to help.

PM me anytime if you have questions - good luck,

- Chris

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Sounds like a broken record for me as well... good job! #1 echos true for this month especially... fish the screen... matures are staging and teenagers are searching for food, wherever the marks are, fish them... temperature is only a reference for a blank screen to feel good about your setup...

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