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Got down there today at sun up......casted for awhile-nothing(dicks in henrietta has got double cowgirls,showgirls &babygirls).Picked up 3cowgirls-yehaw!)Anyhow,started trolling and 15min in hooked up same area as last weekends 1st fish with this weekends first.60back shallow diver in tiger over 17'.1.5hrs later ne corner 18fow60back tiger(tuff shad style).11:20 caught the 3rd 90 back over 28fow(eastside)just a few seconds(15tops) after dropping it back from 60.Same bait.I left around 1pm.2 trailers in the parking lot when i got there and spots available when i left.A few locals was it.Pics of 2-did`nt get the other.All clean fish-2 were fiesty!!!

(should`ve went this weekend ron)All lower 30`s

(all on xraps : :rofl: ....just kidding haha!!)

Bob S



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