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Traxstech Warning!!! Check your rod holders


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I just picked up one of my Traxstech model 230 rod holder and the tube just fell off of the base. I spoke with Traxstech and they told me that they had a bad batch and send it back for repair.

They said to make sure the drain holes are clear. The bad batch of adhesive will be fine if the water drains out. I was told because when they put it together the drain holes were filled with the adhesive and the water can’t get out. The water boils and loosens the adhesive.

The problem I have with this is the rod holders were in a compartment in the boat on their side.

The drain holes on the other three holders are clear, but I don’t know if the one that was broken was clear. I had removed the adhesive before I called them.

These holders are just a little over a year old.

They all feel tight, but I don’t know if I want use them without putting a bolt thru the tube.

Sure glad I didn’t have a rod in the holder trolling wire.

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Not that this is really applicable to the fishing thing.....but I had a pants belt that was left in the cabin of Rod's boat for a couple weeks and the heat (elevated temperatures)of the enclosed cabin let the adhesive holding basicly the leather laminations together let loose at the poiint where the bletl was folded in the belt loops.


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