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Lookin for bass

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Hey there, I'm lookin for some advice on where I might find some largemouth bass on lake Ontario in my area. I live in Oshawa and will be launching out of Whitby. I've never boated on Lake Ontario before so I don't want to venture too far from home till I get used to being out on such a large body of water. I'd also be interested in hunting down some big smallies but I'm assuming they will be out in deep water and I don't currently have a GPS so maybe there are some shoreline smallies somewhere. Anyhoo any tips you guys could give me would be great and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Clint.

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I'm not familiar with where you speak of, but generally speaking, search for any structure and mainly drop-offs. Look at maps and find dramatic edges, and you'll find the smallies. Largemouth generally like the slower, warmer water around gravel beds that are near weeds (bait). Structure and shade from the sun is key (like docks, logs, etc.)

Enjoy! Post results with pics!

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