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looking //PURCHASED//unit

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Any suggestions for a unit model that'll NOT be too expensive and covers fishfinding gps and reads the bottom terrain. If there's a B/W model probably be cheaper I have seen the Lowrance color units with fairly large screen, which would Help overcome my Glacouma. Break my Balls or give input Answers taken with salt. I'll be fishing for fun mostly older models that aren't in bad shape will be concidered

Raining HERE!!!!

Checked on puter found some models new Help lead me in right direction

lowrance hds N/transducer 5 hundred

hummingbird 383c 4 hund

hummingbird 788c 6.5 hundred

eagle 350 B/W

eagle 640c 5 hun

on amazon

eagle 500c 4 hun

eagle 642c 5.6 hund with internal ant 5 hun

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777c2 for $350 shipped. Like new w/ trolling motor transducer and all hardware. Includes original box and paperwork. Like new- I only mounted it on the quick mount about 10 times. Hull transducer not included, but you can get one cheap.

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