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Oak leaf grubs

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We usually go for them in december after shotgun season when I already have venison in the freezer. Usually try to pick a warm day as the wife always goes and usually finds more than I do. We've had years when the creeks freeze early and you really want to avoid heavy ice if you can. Went out early once, maybe mid november, and didn't find too many. Usually take a 5 gal bucket, fill with leaves from the creek and count as we add grubs. Take enough leaves to feed them through the winter, in the basement. Always have grubs with us on the ice.

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It's pretty much a tradition with us to get our own. Get those waders/hipboots on, get into those knee-deep or shallower small runs and lift out those leaves. Pick through them carefully. Seems where the leaves pile up against rocks is always a good area. I think that you're not supposed to harvest them from trout inhabited waters, never really checked the regs for that. It's best to pick a warm day. Oakies are sometimes the best bait (perch), tough on the hook and many times one oakie will account for many fish. The leaves do not have to be oak. CRANE FLY LARVA is really what an oakie is. Good luck in your hunt. BTW not a lot of bait shops will stock them, so gettin' your own is always a good bet.

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