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Bass Pro Ice Tourney

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I made Blue Eye take a trip with me this weekend to fish the Bass Pro Ice Tournament on Owasco Lake. We fished the north end of the lake. The ice was not pleasant with a lot of soft spots and even a little open water by the shoreline.

We decided to fish a little more shallow than everyone else (around 7.5 FOW), but had no luck. The beauty of the trip was the clarity of the water. Inside the hut, we were able to see straight to the bottom of the lake and every detail on the bottom. At one point of the day, I was able to watch a nice sized pike swim up to my jigging rod and look at the bait before he swam away. I have never seen such detail of a fish in water like that! I think I was shaking from the excitement of the experience for at least an hour after it occurred.

After the tournament, we spoke to a couple guys that did well. They were fishing a little deeper than us and were able to land a 11.7lb laker, a 10lb pike, and a 7.5lb pike. I left before the awards, but it sounded like they were going to win the trout, pike, and lunker division...great fishing guys!

It was a fun experience to fish a lake I have never been on, but I am not sure if I want to fish it again (when there is ice). I do, however, want to try out some spring pike fishing on it!


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Outdoors Blog

Fishing, Hunting and More by David FiguraResults from the Bass Pro Shops ice fishing derby on Owasco Lake

By David Figura/The Post-Standard

February 15, 2010, 5:29PM

The following are the results from the Bass Pro Shops ice fishing derby held on Owasco Lake this past Saturday (Feb. 13). The cash prize breakdown is listed afterward.

Overall Lunker:

Mike Toppe, 11.78 lb., lake trout

Lake Trout Division

- 1st - Mike Toppe, 11.78 lb.

- 2nd - Harold Farrell, 9.78 lb.

- 3rd - Mike Sweet, 3.07 lb.

Northern Pike Division

- 1st - Carl Ericson, 9.85 lb.

- 2nd – Saxton Merrick, 7.38 lb.

- 3rd – Mike Marshall, 7.32 lb.

Walleye Division

- 1st – Mark Passarello, 3.11 lb.

strong>Perch Division

- 1st - Billy Green, 1.56 lb.

- 2nd – Joel Stiles, 1.44 lb.

- 3rd – Edward Jackson, 1.14 lb.

Kids Gamefish

- 1st - Ben Stevens, 6.84lb., northern pike

- 2nd - Jake Ericson, 5.82 lb., northern pike

- 3rd – Hunter Truman, 5.37 lb., northern pike

Kids Panfish

- 1st – Darren Vatter , 1.08 lb., perch

- 2nd – Jessica Bennett, 0.92 lb. perch

- 3rd – Brandon Lester, 0.76 lb., perch


Lunker - $470

Adult all 4 categories- 1st - $155 + $25 Bass Pro Gift Card

- 2nd - $103

- 3rd - $65

Kids both categories- 1st - $21 + $25 Bass Pro Gift Card & Kids Tackle Package

- 2nd - $13 + Kids Tackle Package

- 3rd - $8.50 + Kids Tackle Package

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