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Tiller motor


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WOW! I would do em all day long for that money! :D

I'm doing mine myself. Here's a video of a guy doing it that's pretty good.

Rack Steering

Rotory Steering

I think the hardest part is pulling the cable out if it's tucked away in the gunnel or somewhere. Just remember to pull it towards the back and then the new goes in from the back. A new QC kit from Jamestown Distributors only runs about $150 and that gives you everything but the steering wheel. The QC (quick connect) cable doesn't have a nut on the front end so it'll be a lot easier to pull through. Made by Teleflex.


P.S!!!! Don't forget to tie & tape a rope to the cable before you pull it out!!!!

My cable wasn't hard to get to and it only took me about 10 - 15 min to totally dismantle the steering setup. You won't have to do that just to replace cable.

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Whenever I replace a steering cable I tape(I mean very seriously tape)the new one onto the back of the old one so while the old one comes out the new fills up the empty space.It makes things very easy.But if you want to do it for other reasons,the tillers are available.Go to:

http://www.mercurymarine.com/engines/ou ... bigtiller/

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