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Cayuga North 4-24


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Took my father in law and a guy from work out on the North End of Cayuga Saturday. Went 7 for 8 and two of them were pretty beastly. One was 10 1/2 pounder and the other an 8 pounder. We also had another beast on that broke off my 30 lb braided line. Hot action off the green spin doc and green fly. Fish are all out deep around 140 - 175 feet deep fishing 70 -125 down.

This 10.5 lb'r tried to pull the rod out of my father in law's hands !!!


8 lb'r


6 lb'r


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Hey Wayne, I was out on the north end Saturday myself and will be up in that area for most of the season. Both days were productive this weekend for me. Pounded on the lakers Saturday(11 on flyies/1 spoon) and messed with the browns yesterday(6" rattling rouge sticks were hot all day). If your launching out of Dean's you could have fished my track yesterday on about a gallon of gas for a 6 hour trip. If your fishing this area next week for the league give me a call on the radio(68) and we can hook up. Mark

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Hey Mark,

I will be out on the North end this Saturday. I am probably fishing Ontario on Sunday because I did sign up for the LOC. I will try to get you on the Radio on Saturday. I was calling out on the radio on Saturday and no-one would answer. Maybe you were too far South. I stayed way up about 2 - 3 miles North of Deans cove. I usually launch at the Cayuga State Park but sometimes launch at Deans.

You catch any big ones? I am surprised by the sizes I have been catching so far this year. Some of these fish are really growing up! I've probably boated maybe 15 or 20 fish between my last two trips but 4 of them have been 8 lbs or larger. How the heck do you get them to come back to life when they get that huge air pocket and can't seem to be saved. The one we kept last week just would not revive.

I have had no luck at all with Browns, Rainbows, or Landlocks yet. Any suggestions for those?

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