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Dipsy diver

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Firstly wire does get deeper than braid based on similar diameters, due to the density of the steel being much higher than braid. That's what my Precision Trolling book says too.

We are going out fishing this weekend and are using my wire rods over braid because the fleas are a pain in the arse with braid. I don't think braid is as good as wire when it comes to fleas.

Wire is not difficult to handle. I learned how to use wire in about 3 hours of fishing. You learn the hard way once and then become an expert. It's simple - when you spool the wire, tie it to your spool and then tape the first rotation down with duct tape (right around the spool). The start reeling in nice and slow with some good tension to keep it tight. Next always keep the tension after using the rod and stowing away. If you see any coils be careful to uncoil before tightening or the line will snap like a toothpick.

Use 7 strand 30#, it is pretty easy to work with. If the wire does break because of a pigtail (coiling), then you start seeing it with some of the strands balling up, so you can catch it and fix it quick.

It isn't complicated, try it you won't be dissapointed. You will end up going this way eventually anyhow, and will eventually need to get through the learning curve, why not now?

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