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Put in at the Genny this morning 7 AM and went out to 80 foot of water...Surface temp was 54 Fahrenheit...got into cooler surface temps in the 50-52 range in 140 FOW and caught a small Coho that hit a dolphin hologram NK off the ball which was 15 down. A little while later in 155 FOW had a nice steelie hit a deep diver Glass Blue Shad Rap that was on the flatline....Lost him at the boat when he got tangled in another flatline....That was about 8:30 AM.....After that nothing....When we were picking up around 11 AM before motoring back to the launch we found the tiniest King we've ever seen being towed by the NK that it had attacked...Cute fish, but what the hell is it doing in 200 FOW and hitting an NK that was down 60 ft? The screens were pretty barren, but it sure beats working!



PS...When you're enjoying the water this weekend give a moment of silence and prayer for all the Vets who have lived and died to give us the freedom we so often take for granted....

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Thanks for the report pops. We are headed oout to Sandy creek tomorrow morning and it looks like we will be going to run in the 10-20 feet down range once we find the right temp.

And, yes, we will remember those that served our country this weekend.

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