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Summerville Pier

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My friend called and wanted to take a few casts off Summerville pier. After 14 straight days of work, i jumped at the chance. Nothing fancy, just bouncing crankbaits around the rip-rap along the pier in hopes of some bass, walleye, and in particular, sheepheads. Well no sheepies, but we managed to connect in the bass and walleye categories...




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FJ, nice fish and thanks for the Summerville update. I too go down there a lot. Went down Monday morning and all I saw was sheepshead being taken in the river. But it is nice to know that the real sportfish are there now too. Too bad the browns never really made it there in force.

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That was quite the article on Summerville Pier and the "Pier Pirates" in Sunday's paper on the back of the sports section in the D&C. I knew all the guys he was referring to. Walleyes are running and the smallies are creeping around too.

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