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June 12th at Port of Whitby

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Visiting brother in Whitby. Bringing my 22ft center console with down riggers and want to try Lake Ontario.

Have the 4 trolling rods with flashers, spoons and 20lbs line.

First time down on Lake Ontario so any tips towards a fun day fishing would be greatly appreciated.

Aquasplash - Channel 71

[email protected]

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Well, Saturday was a right off due to the weather, but Sunday was terrific. Armed with only what I had read elsewhere and some advice from a friend who has fished Lake Ontario before, we had a great day.

Brother and I headed at at 5:30am from the Port of Whitby.

We started in 80ft of water, trolling 45ft and 50ft down.

small silver flashers and blue/silver lures.

First 10 mins and we get our first salmon at 2lbs.

We took some pictures and put it back.

We made a couple more passes before heading out to a depth of 215ft.

We saw fish at depth of 90, 70 and 55ft.

In total, we landed 5 salmon. The smallest 3lbs and the largest 4.5lbs.

We took more pictures and tried different colors but blue/silver was the day winner.

We even lost on that cleared the water and made us both roar....before swimming away. How large we don't really know but it was a shame.

So, I'm sharing my info and looking forward to more trips to Lake Ontario.



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LOL...sorry! Yes, we caught a couple rainbow as well!

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Totally agree. We are custom to fishing on Lake Simcoe, so downriggers and fishing Lake Ontario was brand new to us.

It was a terrific day out, very flat, overcast and the action was good.

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