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Canandaigua 6/27

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I took advantage of the free fishing weekend and took out my sister in law and her 3 kids plus one and my wife.

We got a late start setting lines at 7:30 am. My favorite stinger spoon went back 30' and down 30' and fired in around 30 seconds. Nice brown right off the bat south of white rock, I ran 1 diver rod, 3 riggers, and 300' copper. Trolled north to vine valley along the east side and crossed over towards Hawk's point on the west side. It took awhile but that favorite spoon fired again down 65' with a lake trout. Not a lot of action but they had fun, and we went swimming before they had to had to head home. Temp at 30' was 65. Temp at 50' was 54. Fleas made an appearance on the wire diver too.

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I fished the North end on Friday and Saturday, best action was early. Still bait balls around but not a lot of fish marks. The fleas were really getting bad though. Any line in the water longer than about 20 minutes was covered with them. Several times we had to stop reeling to clear the fleas as they were coming up in 15-20 inch strings. Takes the fun right out of it.....I'll still try it again tomorrow though :D

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