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AM 6-2

worked 200-240' with a great screen (bait and fish).

7 for 10 mixed bag of kings and aerial steelies nothing over 10#

riggers 25-55' down - dl28 kovorkians and purple thunder

biggest king hit the dipsey rod 140 out- white echip w/ purple rain fly

dumped all 3 fish on lead core 6 colors out

PM 6-2

took the family out for an evening cruise, fished for about an hour or so

worked 200-225', (almost the same as my AM report)

my 4 1/2 son managed his first king and his first steelie

(both real small fish but hey hes just getting started)

AM 6-3

dead calm, hazy, humid, foggy morning (extremely quite radio)

setup in a scum line at 180' great screen but no fish for an hour and half

cold eastern wind created a 1-2 chop so we trolled north

managed a slow pick in 230-250' kings and steelies.

habanero 55 down glow frog 65' down, 51 chevy 45' down,

and bloody nose 40' down took the fish.

ended the day early 4 for 5 including 2 steelies for the loc board

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great report Rob, i was there morning 6-2 managed two kings, biggest was about fourteen, also cought about a three pound laker lost one fish too. Only had two dipseys out fish were cought on dirty white boy and money puke. Morning 6-3 got out again and only got one steelie about six pounds all fish were down 30- 50 over 200.


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I was out off the nose got a coho 160 fow dow 40 on a red and white black poke dot custom spoon and shaker down 50 same area on a red spoon with black latter back. Same as you guys marked alot in close couldnt get them to go. Only able to fish a couple hours but worth the trip.

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We had a similar experience sunday morning. put in around 6 am and met Reel Drag and chatted for a minute with him.

worked in the 90-150 FOW range, marked fish at three different depths : Just below the surface, at 35-45 feet and at 70-75 feet. So we set up surface lures, one rigger shallow and one rigger deep.

We managed to have 9 hookups and land 6 which was one of our better days. 4 ( three small kings and a 10 lb laker ) were on the deeper rigger 75 feet down and a white glow spin doctor with a white echip fly 19" behind the doctor. we ran about 20-25 feet behind the ball. about 2.2 mph gps speed. we found 50-52 degree water pretty consistently at 70-75 feet when we were in the 90 FOW range.

Two that we didn't net but got off after a few jumps were small young rainbows on j-7 silver and black rapalas with a few split shot to get them down a few feet.

we also landed two small kings ( maybe 5-6 pounds ) on the shallow 45 foot deep rigger , one on a nk 28 watermelon and the other on a silver nk28 with a blue diag stripe on it.

all in all a nice day on the water with dad, the wind bothered us for a little while but settled down.

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Took a few small kings and steelies, working 150-200ft of water, then trolled in to 50-60ft between the green can and sandy. Lots of bait and active fish. 20-50ft down. Two teenagers and a small steelie inside. Should've started shallow in the morning and I most likely would've stayed there. But a nice day out there.

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Got out pretty early set up in around 165. My driver, while I was setting up, wasn't paying attention so we ended up on a south troll towards the park. I split the uprights on two other boats who were out there with me. I bet they thought I was still drunk from the night before. I wasn't but my driver was. All this worked out pretty well because we ended up in 75-85 feet and had a preety steady pick for the day. The only real lulls were when the east wind picked up for a bit. NBK was good, caught a few coho and a nice steelie. Cohos were a bit higher 45', steelie was deeper 65'?? Lost a screamer on a spin doc white on white with a no see um. Lost he rig to. ;( crossed the wire line and gone. Caught a nice teenage king on the dipsy out 180, 2.5 setting, and for the life of me I can't remember the lure. Most of the fish came on my quarter diver rigs, speed was 2.5-2.7 GPS, Lots of turs mixed in to the troll. Overall 8 for 12 a real nice day to fish, and I'm glad to be back at Sandy. :)

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