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Ashbridges was hot July 12

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Fishing Report July 12

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water: 5:30-1

Weather/Temp: sun/cloud/overcast

Wind Speed/Direction: viarable 5-10k

Waves: 1 foot and much less

Surface Temp: 65-68






Total Hits: 40 plus, plus

Total Boated:28

Species Breakdown:23 Kings, 5 steelies

Hot Lure: Anything blue/green/silver

Trolling Speed: 2.5-3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 80-220

Lure Depth: 30-80

Sorry for the delay, my new computer had some issues. Started out slow and managed to set all 6 rods and go for 10 minutes before a nice bow played. Steady action with hits every 5-15 minutes or faster. Lots of shakers and some 2 lake year fish (5-8 lbs). Turned on after 11 am with a triple, two doubles and stead hits.

9 majors landed (18-29.8 lbs)

14 under 8 lbs (7 clipped, 7 wild)

5 steelies (5-12 pounds), 2 Ontario clips, 1 dorsal damage (NY fish most likely) and 2 perfect fins (likely wild fish).

My 8 year old son cranked in the 29.8. Also boated a 28, 27 and most others weer 23-26.

All fish released and swam away well.


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WTG. It's great to run into a bunch of fish with the kids along. (However it's another story when the little guy starts saying"..Here Dad, you take it...it's a little one". - just playing)

Tom B.


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