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1 hour to late - 30 pd king Pic

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Total Hits: 20

Total Boated:11

Species Breakdown:steelhead / kings

Hot Lure: flasher fly / purple / green spoons

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 2.25

Boat Depth: 200-400

Lure Depth: 50

Well the usual fishing out of the fort we plucked away at kings and steelies. To sum of the disappointing day dipsey goes off with a long steady pull. I grab it and a huge 15pd plus jumps up in the air. How you might say can I guess the size well I already weighed in 2 12's this year for the board and this one dwarfed them. With one jump with the dipsey on we new it was a weigher. Sorry to say when it jump 6ft out of the water again about 30 yards from my dipsey was still in the water the game was already over.

Next big one of the day center rigger goes off flasher fly / green atomic fly. starts to come to the surface and all of a sudden changes it mind and start goes deep with a big run slow and steady. We new it was a big king. 25 mintues later after doing loops chasing it the 30pds hits the boat. Look at the watch and 12:45. TOO LATE I am not sure what low weight is but guesing it would of been scratching 17-20 place. :(

You might recognize this face its Dave Kindzia former owner of Devils Hole Bait and tackle on his retirement plan.


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Awesome looking fish. Dave looks like he's enjoying the good life. I remember his shop (Devils Hole Tackle) well. Started fishing the Lower from shore in the fall of 87 or 88, and his shop was one of my favorite stops and part of the trip each weekend in Sept /October. Pestered the crap outta my Unc to purchase everything in the store. Good times.

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Since my boat is done for the year I am lucky enought to fish with my friend John Vanhoff out of the Terminator. he used to work and still fills in a time or two at Big Catch. He taught me everything I know and we are lucky enough to have Dave as a fishing partner who knows pretty much everything and everyone. He has every 80's to early 90's spoon there is. I just wish I could of got that stealy in but it was amazing to see. We will see if the fish push the 40pd mark this year. The Niagara Bar where i normally fish so far hasn't impressed me this year but we will see. Lake has been funny this year out there lately for us offshore has been the ticket with a mixed bag.

I am sure someone will get a 40 this year before they hit the creeks. Lets see if the bar can produce one this year. :clap:

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