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Lake O structure!!!

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I dont know if its even possible or just a dream of mine but someone has to think like me, dont they? For years now I have wondered about placeing artificial structure along the lake shore in about 30-60 feet. Placed in spots were structure is not found. I live in hamlin and love to fish walleye and smallmouth but have been traveling to lake erie for years to catch them. Dont get me wrong I catch my fair share in lake-o, but find them very hard to fish in the middle of the summer. The fish structure of the lake say from the oak to the river has a ton of flat, do nothing water that does not hold fish. What im trying to say is that it would be nice to have places to fish that hold fish. I sit here and look out the window and see a mountain of concrete that has been pulled up and think to myself, god that would be nice if it had water over it. What a fish magnet it would be. Iknow that the state and county recycle concrete and other materials that would be ideal for lake structure but why not supply the materials and let the sportsmen do the work. there are lakes that have placed tire fields in the waters to support fish populations with great success. With gas prices crazy who wants to drive. We have the water lets make it what it needs to be. In the end we all make out from the community to the state. I know that it is illegal to place structure on our own but I fish some small "man made" rock piles that have been out there for at least the last 20 years because I know the old timer who placed them there. Them few spots account for almost all of my walleye and smallmouth through the summer. Imagine if there was more of it. Ask the smallmouth guys at Sandy creek if they caught anything in the lake and see what they say. I know the answer and its squat!! Ask who is fishing for walleye and they will laugh. Walleye! what walleye! All I am sayin that it would be nice to have some structure and a group of people that realy would help out and have the state helping and guiding the way. Just a dream of mine. Good fishing werever you are.

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Cant do it, the ice pounds everything flat even at 45 feet deep. I know of several wrecks (IM a diver) and the Ice will build up in a storm and then pound down that deep believe it or not. It splits and hammers steel hulls flat at 40 feet deep, this is one reason there isn't any.

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