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lowrance charts, hot maps, etc...

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Was wondering if any body has used or uses any of the mapping cards available for lowrance units. I have a LCX25c and would like to use one, but I want to know how detailed they are over deeper water. Its a lot of money and cant find one on display, and even if I could, I love display mode( real accurate).



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I'm running the Navionics Hotmaps premium chip in my Lowrance 26c and I couldn't be happier with it. It's not totally accurate but it's pretty close for the lakes I'm fishing here in eastern and central NY. Sometimes I'm in 10ft of water and it says I should be in 30ft but that's part of the deal because the lakes haven't been surveyed in detail that I fish. I think some of the maps on the chip are just copied from the NYS DEC maps which is why they aren't really detailed but it's better than nothing.

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