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I slept in (for me that is)...up at 6:45am. Woke the kids up and we were off. After gasing up (boat and us) we launched around 8 am at Port Credit. Normally I would have launched by 5:15-5:30 and almost skipped the outing being so late. But my 6 year old daughter wanted to go. Glad we did.

For 3.5 hours on the water we were 5/7. Not a big count, but 4 adult kings and a nice wild steelie about 7 lbs to net. Kings were 24-29 lbs. 1/2 pound off the 10th place fish for the week. Oh well.

My daughter landed her best chinook, at 26 lbs and we ended up tag teaming the 29 lb fish after a crazy fight. The kids called this big hen the 'Ninja salmon'. After popping the rigger with the line counter at only 60 feet, the fish ripped towards Niagara, taking us to 756 feet of line. My daughter held on for dear life (with one of my hands on the rod to help). I had to take over when some other boat racing towards promenade almost cut our line (missed the fish by maybe 50 feet) (thanks to the guys in the white centre console). Then my son finished the battle with the rods up and motor off.

26 lb king (released)


Nice steelie (released)


Now that's a run!


Andrew working it back


29 lb king (Ninja salmon)


Fish were tight, 45-70 fow, down 30-50.

Tight lines,


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