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Humminbird 858c Help needed

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Just installed a new 858c on my boat and am wondering how do I set it up so that I can actually see hooks. There are small marks on the screen but they are so tiny they are hard to distinguish from the background.

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First thing I would check is the scroll speed, increase it to maximum. That will cause the fish mark to elongate. Check the sensitivity settings and the cone settings. If you just installed the 'ducer, check to see that it is aiming where it should be too. I dont always get true "hooks" but I do get good solid long marks with my 858c.

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Here are the settings Billy and I are using:

Switchfire on Max

Surface clutter 3

Water type salt (deep)

Max scroll speed

Take off any fish ID

Run it on dual transducer

If ther eis anything i missed I will update this thread on Monday.

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