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Trolling Speed Concerns With 8.1 Mercruiser Horizons


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Looking at a new 31' boat with twin inboard 8.1 Mercruiser Horizons on it. They do not have the DTS system on them. I'm concerned that I won't be able to throttle them down enough to achieve optimal trolling speeds on Lake Ontario and can't seem to find out from the boat or engine manufacturer. Any of you guys with the bigger boats with twin engines have any idea if these will do the job or if I will need other equipment to slow the boat down to trolling speed? Mercury told me that the DTS system could not be installed on these (would have had to come from the factory with it). So, I guess I'm trying to figure out if I need to sink more money into before I even get started. I would rather not put a kicker on it and don't know if there are any other solutions out there.

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Thanks, Diversion. I use trolling/drift bags on my current boat (25' SportCraft Sport Fish) and sometimes (depending on wind, current, etc) I still can't slow the boat down enough. Was hoping to try to avoid that with my next boat. Do you have that problem occasionally, too?

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