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Cayuga Report - 06/26

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Fished out of Myers this morning and did well on landlocks with a brown and a laker mixed in. Surface temp 69 - 70, temp down to 40' was low 60's, between 40' and 50' down was about a 6-8 degree difference +/-.

Ran a four rod program, riggers, wire diver and a braid diver. We went something like 10 for 15, all landlocks except for an avg. laker and a decent brown. The one landlock we kept went about 6 lbs.. Pretty much all the fish came on R&R spoons; black & silver and black & purple with glow ladderback tape. Took one or two on a white fishscale dodger w/white fly out 85' on the braid diver, nothing on the wire. Best rigger depth was 58' over 80'ish fow, both down spoon and slider, other rigger was set at about 48' w/a slider and took a fish or two also.

Bait was pretty much everywhere in the 70 - 100 fow range with a lot of marks in and around it. We did all the better fish in front of Milliken.

Now the one that got away - an easy 10lb. landlock took an R&R blue/purple on a slider (down 60' over 80 fow), popped the release and ripped a bunch of line off. He spit the hook just as he rocketed out of the water about 5', got a pretty good look at it behind the boat, biggest LLS I've seen on Cayuga :evil: :evil: ;(

It was way too hot out there after about 9:30am when the wind died and the fishing died with it. Pic's are rather crummy, left my digital at home.




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