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Sets ready to go!!! Get them now they will be limited again this year. Set of five for 75.00, shipping available for extra 15.00. Theses are the ultimate tip down for perch, crappie and walleye. I have sold hundreds and have been praised with the craftsmanship and quality of my tip downs. They are made with the best components and will give years of hard water use. These tip downs have a balancing wieght system that lets you suspend bait anywere in the water column,ideal for crappie. It also lets you make them extremely snsitive to light biters, so sensitive that you can see a fathead working in 40 plus feet of water. I have been ice fishing for over 30 years and have yet to see a better design. they have HT reels. Bases fold for easy storage in your ice rig. Any questions please feel free to call me, JIM @ 585-490-4246. Sets will not be held, first come first serve. Thank you all and have a SAFE and fun hard water season. :clap:


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I purchased a set this spring and was very impressed with the quality and mechanics. I haven't used them yet, but did experiment with what I got. The balance slide will give limitless bait/lure presentations. Balanced properly, you'll even know when the fish just sucks your bait in without moving with it. These are very good!

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