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Cayuga Report - 07/03

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Area just south of Milliken station on the east side, 7 for 10, 80 - 100 fow.

Everything on riggers up higher in the water column, 20' - 50' with a couple of rips on wire divers w/nobody home (out 220'.) A couple of decent landlocks, 'bows, a 5# brown and an 8# laker, all on spoons (R&R's w/variations of silver/black & purple, & green/black NK's.) Could not get any flies to stick on the dipsey's, a couple of good rips w/no one home and one or two dropped fish.

Surface temp was 67 - 68, down temp's ... not real sure, the temp readings from the probe were real erratic. Temp would rise & fall with the speed, sometimes as much as 4 or 5 degrees. Really hoping the probe isn't messed up :shock: .

Fleas starting to become a nuisance. DAN

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Irish - nice outing.

Next time you think probe is acting up, just put it in neutral till you're rigger cable is vertical then watch temp. You may have a very narrow thermocline forming. More speed, more blowback, ball coming up above it.

Tom B.


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Longline - I thought the same thing but it seemed to pretty much do it consistently at a variety of depths, never experienced it to that degree before. In the same water last week there was a very distinct temp break setting up around that depth so that's probably what it was today, tried to see it on the sonar but couldn't pick it up :?

Thanks. DAN

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