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After years of dedication to one tackle manufacture I have decided to change up.

I've had paint come off my spoons with one fish, or even chip off while in my tacklebox.( Alot of people probably know what big company Im talking about) :@ . I even had a brand new spoon on a rigger that didnt take a fish, when I checked it I found the paint and sticker came off.

When I called them them they said it was a bad batch and was already fixed. well 2 years later I found NO improvements. Now I cant even get a reply e-mail.

While doing research I found ITO flies. Ryan is a class act who is willing to work with you for whatever you need including your favorite colors and patterns. He sent me a fly and the quality is great, the price is better than all other companys, and now he is getting into spoons(coming soon) :yes::yes: , and other products. One is a spinny that you can change direction, and speed of rotation.

Check them out ITOflies.com

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