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Kooter/Oak/April 9 2011

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Kooter/ `Hookn Aint Easy'




Date(s):April 9 2011

Time on Water:8 am - 1130 am


Wind Speed/Direction: Slight

Waves: None

Surface Temp:37-39

Location:Point Breeze

LAT/LONG (GPS Cords):Near Oak close to shore




Total Hits:1

Total Boated:1

Species Breakdown:Brown Trout

Hot Lure:Blue/Green Flutter Spoon

Trolling Speed:2.9 to 3.3

Down Speed:2.9 to 3.5

Boat Depth: 10ft to 25ft

Lure Depth: 6 ft



====================Could not take it anymore had to get the boat out and go after them browns. I have never caught one before so me and my good friend Jim decided to get after them. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the water was flat. But unfortunately as we got into the lake you could easily see the bottom even out to 25 ft. If it isn't one thing its another lol. But the boat was running great thanks Dad and i was fishing with a good friend. Jim is actually who i bought my boat from and the guy who taught me how to fish for the most part. There was some muddy water to the east of the creek so we worked it over a couple times and marked three fish in there but no takers. So we took a ride out to 25 ft and could still see bottom :@ . I was running two boards and two balls and we headed into 10 ft of water half a mile east of the creek and continued washing lures and Jim said 'well if i was you i would put on a' something i never heard of. This spoon was in one of those old boxes that he included in the boat and yes i will be honest i never would have thought of using it but Jim said a long time ago he used to kill the browns on that spoon years ago. So out she went and a little lunker lotion on it, this thing was out there for maybe five minutes and my god the ugly stick went flying and it was on. I ran it 75 ft off the ball and i thought we were snagged but it started pulling line and three minutes later Jim ran back and netted my first ever trophy brown trout i was ecstatic and pumped. What a great day and a great memory with my old friend, i will never forget this day on the big O. Thank god for that fish we had a rough year last year and what a great way to start the fishing season. :beer:


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10 4 Cheers thanks for the tip. Ya we usually are much slower when we are after the kings, cause usually i have more people on board and four balls out the back, had the idle turned down on the old girl but just had a heck of a time getting her slowed down without the motor dieing. I need to invest in a sock one of these days. Thanks and good luck to you.

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