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new kid on the lake

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my name is andy, im from palmyra ny, n my boat is an 87 starcaft v hull with an 05' 70 horse opti max.. im only 17 years old.. but im a hardcore trout/salmon fisherman.. i hate this time of year because i cant fish trout and salmon in lake ontario.. but ive decided to start fishing deep for them. ive got all the equipment but advice would be GREATLY appreciated... trout and salmon really are my obsession so if ud like.. have a chat with me

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hate to send you away after your first post but go to www.attheoak.com .. and scroll down to (Total Team Choes) and read that whole tackle tec. page then start posting as to what style you can use with the equiptment you have and well have ya on fish before ya know it.unless your limited to bobbers and cane poles :shock: Ray K.

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