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Baker Musky Lures


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Baker Musky Lures was started up last year by me and things have really taken of. I have made and sold over 500 of these baits since last August when I started and have had some nice fish caught on them already including many multiple fish days by me. These baits are all handmade out of cedar one at a time with quality you won't find on any mass produced plug. Here are a few pics of the baits and some fish that were caught on them. Thanks very much for looking and if you ever need anything, just send a p/m to me. Zach Baker


Gold Foiled Walleye




Foil Shad


Glitter Blue Shad


Green and Orange Foiled Perch's



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I recently bought two Baker crankbaits to fish Lake Chautauqua and these are the finest quality lures I have ever used. The finish is absolutely beautiful and each crank was signed "Baker" with the year 2012. I remember telling my brother in law that we needed some teeth marks on the Baker so some day my son would see those marks and remember the year we fished Chautaqua together. Here's a picture of a nice musky that Baker caught.


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I bought two at The Happy Hooker Bait Shop on Lake Chautauqua the week of Sept 23-29. The owner was telling me he was trying to sell the place and his website was still up and running. It seems to be down now. I've never met Zach and I don't know him but I left a message for him on another Chautauqua website he frequents, maybe he'll show up here soon.


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Hi Zach.... I’m interested in getting a couple of these lures....wondering about size trolling depth cost availability etc.  they look pretty nice.... is there a short vid of them in water?   Also can they wander?   Thanks

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