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Owasco 6/5/11

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Fished Owasco today, launched in south end and ran north til just south of Burtis point and set up shop.... Ran 5 color core, 300 copper and rig rods and down rigger in 80 to 160 fow, marking a ton of suspended fish and bait between 30 an 100 and all kinds of big arches on the bottom..... Instantly had fish on, most lakers came 30 to 100 but all where about 4lbs or less.... So started working on the big arches 150 down but could not get any of those fish to fire?????.... Went 12 for 13 all Lakers worked hard for some off fish but no luck, All fish came on o&m fire tiger 44's and 50's , Even took the fire tiger of the bottom of the rig and moved it up 2 liters and they came up and got it , so that was the hot ticket item today for sure....


Kept some great eating size lakers for some friends....



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Good to see everyone on the water again today! Fished north and south of Burtis Point. 5 and 7 color core, 100' copper, riggers set between 35' and 65', wire line dispy rigs set at 160' all put fish in the boat. We changed up all colors of spoons and sticks with Green NK and Stingers being the best for us. Boated a ton of small 2-4 lb laker's and lost one nice bow at the back of the boat. Fished from 50' out to 160' looking for bows and browns at first light with little luck. We marked a ton of bait and fish around all points on east side of lake. The new Humminbird HD side/down scan sonar showed us fish with remarkable clarity and provided us with a clear view of all the fish that wouldn't cooperate. Thanks for the pics of the boat Mike. Looks like I'm going to have to beg a few of those special spoons from you!!! Great job on the water, and great report :yes:

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