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times two

dunkirk report: 7/20; 21 and 23

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Lake was really rolling Friday at 6 am, so we decided to go to work for a while..... ended up heading out at 2 pm. Did 8 'eyes and dropped a couple more. 80-100 fow from Dunkirk west to off Shorewood. 10 color with a big

watermelon hatchet harness was good, also 65-75 riggers....couple

on a copper confusion super slim DW; 1 on a purple dolphin stinger.

Only 1 off the wire..200 back on 3, no ring (slide diver). Nice box... probably close to a 5lb average....

Went back Saturday morning to same spot....what a difference 11 hours makes! Down temp was 5-7 degrees colder, no fish on the graph....so searching we went... Ended up off Vanburen Point (west of Dunkirk) in 100 fow, so we decided to head north and did 5 eyes and a brown in a little over 45 minutes. Ended up with 9 walleye, 1 brown, 2/3 on steelies (around 7lbs) and 3 lakers, the biggest was pushing 20lbs...

Little bit of everything again...10 color with large hatchet harness,

stinger scorpion monkey puke; stinger chicken wing off the rigs; watermelon yeck off the big slides, 150-165 back on 3, and harnesses

175 and 225 back on the small slides off the boards. No one color

hotter than the rest. Down speed was best 1.6-1.8 on the depth raider.

Didn't fish Sunday, but based on some reports, took a ride out to the border Monday. Marked some good spots of bait/fish. Had to really work for them today. Went 8/10 on the walleye....dropped our best fish right behind the boat. Biggest boated was 28". Did a couple on the 10color...big hatchet...1 on the rig on a fishlander(silver with pink/purple/glow); the rest came off the big boards running slide divers...200-225 back on harnesses.

1.6-1.8 at the ball.

Off now for a few days....


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Capt. john if ya ever need a first mate on your trips im all ears and "eyes" to learn wouldnt mind packing a couple in my cooler also i dont mind trailering my boat that far but id rather put the gas in your tank ..

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