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times two

dunkirk 7/29

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Couldn't fish Saturday but heard some good reports from the

border, so was ready to roll for Sunday....Forecast called for 1-3;

5-15 NE....so of course it blew like crazy!

Rolling pretty good all day, but the guys hung in there. Could not troll effectively into the waves, and boards were not much of an option.....still did 7/10 on the eyes...right tight to the border...

down speed 1.6-1.8 (except on waves!).

Wire with harnesses..175-190 on slides, no rings....also did one on that on

a DW chicken wing....did 2 fish off the rigs, 1 on a orange/copper blade

harness 50 down and 1 on a stinger chicken wing 60 down. Couple on 10 color on big hatchet blades....


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