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Throttle Control


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I have a 191 islander with 3.0 Mercruiser I/O. I seem to be always trying to get 100 or 200 more or less RPMs to maintain a down speed between 2.5-3.0. The throttle on my boat is either too much or too little. Any suggestions?

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My last boat was a 1993 Starcraft Islander 191v. I also had problems getting speed down, and the throttle lever was very difficult to adjust "Just Right". I installed a trolling plate on the outdrive and that helped out alot especially trolling for walleye. I ordered a Hydro Troll trolling plate from cabelas. It had shear pins so that if you forgot to bring it up after trolling, the prop thrust from coming up on plane wouldn't break anything. I don't see that particular plate on cabelas web site any more, but they still have the shear pins. I would imagine someone still makes that one. I never did get the throttle lever loostened up before I moved to a biger boat with different problems. Good luck, the Islander was a great overall boat though.

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