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Cannon Speed n Temp or Depth Raider

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Thanks to all of you guys who responded to my question on the necessity of a sensor. Now that I've decided to get one I've been doing a lot of reading and have narrowed it down to Depth Raider or the Cannon Speed n Temp. What do you guys think?


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Well, I was in the same position recently. The Depth Raider is a little less expensive, but the Cannon has more features. So - I did a search on LOU and other message boards. It seems like the majority of those with Depth Raiders were very pleased, and had very few problems. The opposite seemed true with the Cannon Speed-n-Temp (I was surprised by this, as I think their rigger design is superior to the rest). I bought the DR because of this. So far so good. Call Marine General and ask for the GLA discount - $399 delivered.

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