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Results of St. Catherines Big John Tournament.

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Looney, hope this helps.. Yvan is a "little" slow at getting results posted.


1. Shirley B/Flush 333 points

2. Striker 1

3. Get It Wet

4. Fish Dance

5. Washing Lures

6. Rod Wrestler

7. Lord of The Kings 311 points

8. Vision Quest

9. North Shore Sport Fishing

10. Outta Line 302 points (about 32 pounds seperated 1st from 10th)

12 out of 40 teams boxed their 5 salmon each day. There were between 38 and 40 teams registered. No one knows final number for sure? Yvan left the last several teams off final score due to zippos being entered, so final results sheet does not help.

Lakewide King of Lake results (21 teams participated) Pay out for Top 3 only:

1. Shirley B/Flush

2. Lord of The Kings

3. Vision Quest

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