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Seneca lake tribs ?


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Well I don't really know if I should I name the stream with all the crap that flys in the Ontario Tribs section with people naming streams even tho there only so many off Seneca U prolly already know where I'm fishing :P....Well I have fished this stream since I was young mostly in spring but didn't feel like driving north so I stayed local this weekend. Well I had a nice surprise when I got into the first brown of the day then after a few more I landed a LL. Then a little while later another LL I have NEVER caught a LL outta the streams and was just wondering if this time of year they run into the streams as well? It was def an awesome surprise since I wasn't really expecting to catch much of anything other then some time away from the house! Ill be back out to put the walk on the stream sometime this week I'll make a point to bring my camera so I can hopefully get a few pics this time!

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