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Ice derby this weekend, Mendon Ponds Park

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We have ice!!! :clap: 4+ inches on 100 Acre Pond, Mendon Pond!

The VBC Sportsmen are hosting their 3rd Annual ice fishing derby this weekend, Saturday, January 19th on 100 Acre Pond in Mendon Ponds Park. Registration is at Hopkins Point Lodge starting at 7:00 am (the Park officially opens at 7:00 am so sleep in). :no: Fishermen are allowed on the ice to set up but fishing is discouraged until 8:00 am. Last weigh-in is at 12:00 pm. Weighers will be on the ice to weigh and measure fish so CATCH AND RELEASE IS ENCOURAGED!!! The pond is a great fishing resource so lets keep it that way!


Prizes will be awarded for adult/child largest and smallest northern pike and panfish along with raffles. A suggested donation of $10 per adult and $5 per child (<12 yrs old) is appreciated to cover costs of the Lodge and prizes. This is a great opportunity to grab the kids and spend some time on the ice. The Lodge is available for warming up. Coffee and hot chocolate is available.




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PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION - The date is Jan 21st, not 19th. This coming Saturday!!!

FK, Pre-registration was available online at www.discovervictory.com but by the time you read this it will be all printed out and closed up. We'll get you through registration and out on the pond quick enough. Fish eligible for prizes have to be weighed in by 12 noon. The VBC Sportsmen will be available right on the ice to weigh and measure fish (to encourage catch and release). Look for the guys in the orange vests. If you want to be eligible for prizes and raffles we need you in the lodge shortly after 12.

See you there.

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Be careful all! I was thru there yesterday and on the south side of 100acre pond the Geese had about 3/4 of it still open thats the south side of where the culvert connects the two ponds, just a heads up.


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We had a great time fishing the derby today and meeting everyone! We had several flurries of action and went 4 for 10 on pike and iced a 5" perch just before noon. We missed 3 real good fish due to equipment issues, but managed to pull a 2nd place pike win (just 3 oz behind 1st) and also scored the Smallest Pike Award with a 0.6 lb scrapper! 8) The shiner he was mouthing was almost as big as he was!! :lol: We were really surprised that no bass were caught, as we had heard that the pond holds a ton of bass and in past years many have been caught. Seemed like everyone had fun and iced some fish to boot! Nice job with the tourney and we'll look forward to fishing it again next year!!

Next tournament for us will be the Bass Pro Ice Derby in two weeks if we canget some safe ice on Owasco Lake! Heading to the Sodus area tomorrow! 8)

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