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8-25 Port Bay / Fair Haven Challenge Report

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First I would like to say that the tourny was awesome!! Kudos to Screwy Louie's and all of the sponsors!! :P I will definately be looking forward to it every year. Also, congrats to Team Screamer for taking another tourny!! 8)

Put lines in the water just after 6am over 70 fow west of Port Bay. After setting second rigger, the first one fired and we had about a 6lb brown splashing behind the boat. Soon thereafter it spit the hook. That one came on a white echip/white fly down 75 over 85 fow. we continued to work out deeper and managed a slow pick most of the morning. Most fish came between 180 and 220 fow, riggers set at 48' and 35', wires out 85' and 110'. Ended the day at 1pm going 5 for 9: 4, 6, 7, 10, 22.5 lb kings. Fish came on silver prism dodger/aqua fly, dalmation spinny/blue dolphin fly, and Stinger black killer spoon.

Hoping to get out tomorrow pending the wind/waves.

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