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Seneca 3/23/12

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Shakedown trip today. Launched at Sampson at 7:30 and headed Southwest toward Dresden. Set up just Northeast of the point, Picked up a nice brown on a walleye rapala trolls to 15' on a flat line right out of the gate. Marked alot of fish off the point. No takers. Headed North toward the Plant over 100 FOW set DRs at 65' and 50' Dipsy out 180' picked up 1 nice laker on the dipsy and one on the DR at 65'. Slowed up again. Trolled back toward Sampson only marked 5 fish all on the bottom.

Set up with flatlines in 20 FOW in front of the wall no takers packed it in at 1:30. All the gear worked well and a few fish. Not much action, but the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work. Looking forward to getting Cayuga. I spend most of my time over there. Hopefully we get some more water in there soon.

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