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Seneca shootout

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Well, the village park's or Watkins Glen has okayed the event. A new rule format is in the works. Observers are out. Cooler checks are in. Many changes to the original format. Will post breakdown later. Until then lets get a boat count on the LOU. Looking forward to this. I'm working hard and putting a lot of spare time into this. Already drawn up supporters, volunteers, and sponsors.

Also, I tallied up what we have so far for boats. I am around 16 boats from the LOU community alone. This does not even count boats I have encountered on the water or at local places as well. This is going to be a great event! With room to grow! Lets hit that 20 boat mark and make this more competitive. If anyone has any insight or suggestions please call me. I am sorry for the date to the guys who fish Pro-ams. Sorry. There was nothing I can do. I had to work around Watkins Glen events.. Race weekend, italian fest etc....

So please, POST AN IM IN! I am organizing the dinner for the event with Jerlando's Italian Pizzeria and Rest. Will be a buffett dinner.

Tight lines.



JULY 21st, 2012

The “Seneca Shootout†is going to be a “box†style event, with a total of 5 fish and paying the top 5 places. 100% payout. There will be a shotgun start from the south end of Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen at the pier heads. Entry fee per boat will be $275. With a prospected goal of 20 boats, with hope, even more. After weigh-in, there will be a buffet dinner for all anglers involved while Winners are sorted with award ceremony immediately following.


- Entry fee of $275 (paid prior to event)

- Fish shall be taken by means of trolling only

- 5 fish box (one man’s legal limit,trout and salmon only, via DEC regulations)

- Fishing prohibited in canal and lakes tributaries

- Maximum of 9 rods per boat (to ensure a fair playing field for all boats)

- No maximum number of anglers per boat. However note DEC rules and regulations must be followed

- Can choose which fish to creel and release

- All fish must be kept on ice

- Communications allowed

- There will be cooler inspections morning of event with all teams requiring flags flown while tournament is active

- Cooler check will be at 5:45 am

- There will be a Shot gun start at 6:15 am fishing will begin at 6:30 am till 3:00 pm with all teams coolers checked and sealed at the scales by 4:00 pm for weigh-in at 4:15 pm

- Disqualification for foreign objects found in fish

- All winners may be subject to a polygraph test

- Failure to follow these rules will IMMEDIATELY disqualify you and you and your team

CONTACT: Nick Overacker [email protected]


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mower. I can give you contacts for two places one of them is my marina. Frog Hollow @ 607 535 2671. I will bring this weekend to their attention this friday or saturday. Im sure it will work out. The other place is Village Marina.

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Shotgun start.. sorry guys. I can't change one thing just to please a few people. Have to make rules set stone for a reason.. this event will be fun, I can promise that..

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Hi Lakebound, My name is bob and I'm from Rochester, I'm interested in this Seneca Lake Shootout. Never been to seneca Lake to fish. Is this for the hole lake or just the south end. Would you have any info that you can send me on this? another question is I have a 30ft sea ray that I would have to drive through the Oswego river to Seneca and would you know how many locks that I would have to go through and a ballpark time frame this would take? a place to dock for the weekend and things like that? Hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

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liked this sooooooooooo much better when a observer was keeping it honest ,,, a flag take it down go get your fish put it back up seems peaple have problems with derbys that keep them all in honest /// cry babies ;(

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I know poke pole.. me too. But to do without the observer ideas.. saved me from hearing it. But I am with toy at heart.

I tried to get guys to help. No body offered other than Mike and Sean but were on our way...

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there are 14 locks from oswego river mouth to seneca lake - I did it in two days but I started at 2:30 pm - maybe one day if you start at 7:00 am from oswego mouth. WATCH YOUR SPEED - THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT IS NOT TRUE - THEY WILL CLOCK YOU FROM LOCK TO LOCK - AVERAGE SPEED WILL BE 10 MPH EVEN IF POSTED DIFFERENT.

Capt. Paul (seneca charters)

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