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5-6 "Quality Time" pics

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Like the old man said in his post had a great day on the water. Had my mother and "copper" Liz out with us to reel 'em in.


two ladies ready for buisiness. :yes: 11 rod spread :yes::yes:


my mom's 8.6#


"copper" Liz's 8.6# these fish came in on the double from the video below. 8)


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Great pics....looks like a good day. We went out 5/5 and spent a few hours. Caught three over 8llbs....one little guy and lost 3.......one of them was a real nice fish lost right at the back of the boat. Everything we caught was around 100 feet deep over 150 to 175. Most came on dipsys with green SD blue dolphin SD and chrome dodger. Didn't mark half as much bait as we have been south of Meyers but we eventually found a few. Not a killer day but we had fun.

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