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Niagara Pro Am - Where can I get a slip and hotel?

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Finally firming up my Niagara Pro Am plans and need to know where I can get a slip for the weekend and also suggestions for reasonable motel/hotel in the area. I would probably prefer to fish out of Olcott. Doesn't look like the marinas in Olcott and Wilson are very big???? Will they have slips....or is it too late to reserve?


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Gotta love the Lake O guys. Can't even get advise about logistics let alone speeds, depths, colors, etc...
You have the internet.... :thinking::thinking:

3 minute search and I did YOUR HOMEWORK for you....

Newfane Marina (716) 778-5462

McDonough Marine (716) 778-7665

Wilson Boatyard (716) 751-9202

Sunset Bay Marina (716) 751-6466

Harbor Resort (716) 778-5190

Lighthouse Motel (716) 778-7270

Lake Ontario Motel 1-800-446-5767

Lakeview Motel (716) 791-8668

That should get you started? or should I call and make reservations for you also?

Once there and fishing, go 17 miles west and fish BIG DROPOFF , use green spoons, some days purple, put them down 50-80 feet, troll 2.1-3.0 mph.... :lol::lol::lol:

Best of luck to you in the Pro-am.

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My fault for phrasing the question entirely wrong. I wasn't "looking for a motel" but instead was looking for a few recommendations. I wasn't concerned too much about finding a motel. I know how to use Google. My other question was meant to ask if the slips "sell out".

In either case thanks for the info...except you Buffy :o

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really had no plans for any pro /ams....might fun fish outa olcott just to see some friends and have a nice lobster dinner....kinda thought about the open div. kinda tuff pullin a new team togeather ,plus i think im gettin to the point im forgettin more than i remember...

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