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Reccomendations Waterproof case & bracket for my camera

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I have a nice canon digital camera that I hardly use anymore since I take most of my fishing pictures with my cell phone from the boat. I would like to put it to use in the video mode by mounting on the dash board facing the the back of the boat. I know they make some action cams out there, but it seems a waste to me to invest in one of those when I have a nice 12MP just sitting around collecting dust. Does anybody out there have any special case/ mounts that they use to take pics and video. The camera is not waterproof so a protective case is a must especially since I have a soft top. Anybody have something that they use currently with good results?

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Thanks for the reply but what I was looks for was a clear case in which I can actually use the camera and yet be protected from the elements at the same time. I have a dry box. Appreciate the feedback though.

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