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bait heads

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I'm new to the cut bait fishing but really going to give it a chance this year. (I say that every year) but this time I mean it. lol. I'm curious as to what your favorite bait heads are for SALMON? I'm looking for any tips you might offer to help me get started as well.



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Hey Matt, These will hold whole alewives, herring etc and large strips. Roll perfect right out of the pack. More glow than anyhead out there by a mile and made in Penn as we didnt want to do the chinese junk stuff. Also we have them in UV that is molded right into the heads. Any are available even if the site only shows them on meat rigs. We also have killer rigs. Thanks, BW



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Got something new we are working on when we have the time

Something new....was I not paying attention or are you holding out on me... :o Like you're ever going to have spare time...who you trying to kid Gary :D

Agree with the Big Weenie Brand heads though....we run a lot of meat and BW heads are tops! Sometimes we'll run real meat and other times we'll run artificial strips in the Big Weenie heads (MC Rockets) and it can be a great set up either way. Some days the fish prefer the action of one over the other. Pic below is a Big Weenie bait head with a #1 MC Rocket with green magic marker on the top edge ;)


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