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Want Walleyes?? One word..........Oneida.

Fish Hunter

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Hair jigs, Sonars, crawler harnesses/bouncers, lead core, or downriggers, are all producing.

Soloed today, and boated 9 keepers, and 2 big perch, pulling Rapalas off the riggers.

Mucho marks, on the bottom, as well as suspended up off the bottom about 5-6 ft.

Mighty fine fishing right now.

Guys, if you want 'em, they are hopping right on the hook.

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The "hump" off Lewis Point, was loaded, and trolled north of the shipping channel, between 111-115 bouys. 38-40 fow.

I basically stay on the east end.

I know they are wailing them on the other end as well. :yes:

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