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Fishing Report


Weatherman said T-storms around noon, but his predictions are generally a couple hours earlier than the event so launched before dawn, just in case, this morning. Motor fired right up (YAY!) but had the kicker ready to go for a little insurance. 78F river surface.


Heavy overcast.

Ran around the piers for a bit to make sure everything was ok with the motor then headed out off Russell. (It’s been a rough but comic couple of weeks) Looked like the Seneca out doing some trawling. Big buoy out there so stayed away from it.

Put the rigg’rs in at 100FOW. All short leads - 40 ft max. 74F on surface, 54F down 65-70 ft. Not much on the screen till 140FOW.


Worked out to 160 FOW Then back to 140, with probe pulling a DW Dolphin down 85; 2nd rigg’r stacked with a Grn/prpl NK spook at 70 ft and a DW Prpl clown high.

Lost a nice Laker as he decided to hit both lures on the stacked rigg’r & made a real mess at the back of the boat. Guessing about 7-8 Lbs.

This guy hit the probe line & brought in a passenger. Not awful big but OMG look at the size of that freaking Lamprey!


1 King and 3 lampreys released. (3 equal 9†pieces) Kind of early to see those big lampreys.

Had two more hits but didn’t see them as they were on & off. Had a nice steelhead on the Clown do his acrobatic thing but then he decided he’d get away but cutting the line on the rigg’r cable. Also brought in a little Stlhd about 4 Lbs.

8:00, Heard Prescott radio say storm on the North shore, so got a little leery being out so far. Then CG came on with a warning for western Big-O. Oops – time to get out of here. Gear up & full speed for port. Dumb sailboats just going out with the sky getting black. Looked like a mid-west storm sky.

Got the boat on the trailer and just as I was tying her down, the sky opened up. Quick downpour soaked everything. Talked to a group just sitting at the ramp. They’d forgotten their plug & 1 of the group had gone back home for it. Guess that’s the first time I ever heard of a “stupid human trick†ever saving anyone issues.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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Nice report Tom... I'm glad your motor decided to run well on a day when you really needed it to outrun the weather!! Glad you found some fish and you also took a lamprey out of the gene pool too.....good job. I hope to start fishing the big lake "very frequently" real soon....and also Looking forward to your next report.

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