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1st Annual Rydolph’s Walleye Angler’s Team Challenge

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I am posting the advertisement for the tournament. I am just doing it as a favor and to get the word out there. It is the first time that i know of that there is a tournament of this type for the time of year. The fishing gets really good in the late summer and fall in the area and should make for a great catch. Looking forward to it! Hope to see many of you there. If this is a success than i know they want to do it every year.

1st Annual Rydolph’s Walleye Angler’s Team Challenge

Tournament is to be held Saturday, September 1, 2012. The hours of the competition will be 5:00 am to 3:00 pm on the day of the event unless the tournament committee decides otherwise due to inclement weather.

The tournament fee will be $25.00/angler/team.

ï‚· The big fish fee will be $10.00/angler/team. (All team members must be entered to qualify for big fish).

 Donation Driven Game feed for participants at Rydolph’s following the weigh in. Donations will be accepted and can be dropped off at Rydolph’s during business hours up to the day of the event or a dish may be prepared and dropped off.

ï‚· 50/50 raffle

ï‚· All cash payout: 1st place receives 30% of the entry dollars

2nd place receives 25% of the entry dollars

3rd place receives 20% of the entry dollars

4th place receives 15% of the entry dollars

5th place receives 10% of the entry dollars

The tournament will be based on a 5 fish box of walleye with the minimum length of 18 inches. The tournament will be on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River waters in Jefferson County only! The winners will be determined by the total weight of the 5 fish box. Catch and release is encouraged!

Liability: The committee, judges, sponsors, officers, or any other associated person shall not be held responsible for the safety of persons or property of the participants. All tournament boats should carry liability insurance.

Sign up locations: Chaumont Hardware (Chaumont)

Gander Mountain (Watertown Store)

Judy’s Bait Shop (Dexter)

Rydolph’s Restaurant and Bar (Henderson)

All Season’s Tackle (Pulaski)

The 1000 Island Bait Store (Alexandria Bay)

1st Annual Rydolph’s Walleye Angler’s Team Challenge


ï‚· Teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers per boat however a 2 angler minimum is required.

ï‚· Each member of the team fishing on the boat must be registered. If fishing for the big fish prize money all anglers must be registered. Each team member must have their registration at the time of weigh in.

ï‚· The tournament will be on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River waters in Jefferson County only!

ï‚· Teams may enter and exit from any port in Jefferson County.

ï‚· The winners will be determined by the heaviest total weight of fish. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by the time of entry.

ï‚· New York State/U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations apply.

ï‚· Open communication is permitted.

ï‚· Teams may be on the water before 5:00 am but lines may not enter the water until 5:00 am. Teams fishing before the official start time will be disqualified.

ï‚· Culling the fish to upgrade the box is permitted. If a fish dies and is to be culled there is no penalty to keep the fish. If anglers wish to keep more fish at their discretion that is fine. Catch and release is strongly encouraged.

ï‚· Teams are to only bring a maximum of a 5 fish box to the weigh in station so have the 5 best ready upon arrival and release the rest if capable.

ï‚· Any cooler to be brought to the weigh station with more than 5 fish or a fish that is not of legal length of 18 inches will result in the team to be disqualified.

 Fish will be weighed in at Rydolph’s in Henderson Harbor starting at 2:00 pm. Teams must be in line no later than 3:00 pm with team members, registrations, and cooler present. No teams will be allowed to weigh in fish if not in line by 3:00pm. Fish to be released will go untouched; all others will get their fin clipped.

 Fish may be examined at the committee and weigh master’s discretion.

ï‚· All teams are responsible for the handling of their own fish after the weigh in is finalized. No fish are allowed to be thrown out or wasted.

ï‚· Awards and game feed will immediately follow the weigh in.

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